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hot or not? - LEO ver.

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this is my favorite thing tyra banks has ever said

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Nigerian Christmas dinner. Some things I didn’t take pics of, but this was pretty much it.

Pictured: Lemon broiled salmon, jollof rice, beef short ribs, potatoes, corn, shrimp suya, salad.

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cute clothes for cheap on taobao


"shipping total: $237.50"


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a spiritual experience from start to finish 

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Ramsay is an ugly man, even when dressed finely. He is big boned and slope shouldered, with a fleshiness indicating he will be fat later in life. Ramsay’s skin is pink and blotchy, his nose broad, his hair long and dark and dry. Although his mouth is small, Ramsay’s lips are wide and meaty, wormy looking, and he smiles a wet-lipped smile. His distinctive eyes resemble Roose’s - small, close-set, and oddly pale, like two chips of dirty ice. Ramsay sometimes wears a garnet cut in the shape of a drop of blood in his right ear.

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Set of original photo manipulations and digital artworks by Nikita Gill.
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Jung Taekwoon for Arena Homme+

Jung Taekwoon for Arena Homme+

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"Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn’t cried once today? This moi."

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Seo In Guk | Marie Claire September 2014 Issue 

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Lou, 21, Rio.
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